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The Allure of Men’s Choke Chains

Choke chain is a slang term that describes a short chain that fits tightly around a man’s neck. A man can speak volumes about himself by adorning his neck with one of these powerful accessories. A gem or a symbolic piece that sits in the middle of his neck can draw attention from the opposite sex, and it can make other men envious of his power. The following are three ideas for intriguing and mesmerizing choke chains:

A Silver Dagger Short Chain

A dagger is a highly fashionable add-on for a choke chain. It can symbolize strength, power and the will to fight for what one’s beliefs. A woman who sees a man with a dagger on his chain may get an instant feeling of protection and chivalry. Daggers vary in size and color. Sterling silver has a medieval tint. Additionally, sterling silver is somewhat hypoallergenic.

Emeralds and Sapphires for Amazing Eyes

Men with beautiful green or blue eyes can enhance them further by purchasing a choke chain that sports an emerald or a sapphire. The mixture of piercing eyes and a sparkling gem could hypnotize any woman who dares to look forward. An emerald is a gorgeous gem in itself, and it will grab attention from all onlookers. A man who wears an emerald on his neck will have a sense of hope and healing capabilities. The blue topaz is a symbol of calmness and peace. It has characteristics that can make a woman feel comfortable and safe in a man’s arms. The mixture of his ocean blue eyes and his soothing chain can create a trusting start to a long-lasting relationship.

The Crucifix and the Cross

The Crucifix symbolizes the love and sacrifice of Jesus Christ. A man who wears the crucifix or the cross is a man of faith who respects the sacrifices that Jesus made. The crucifix is not to be worn as a fashion statement, but as a statement of one’s faith. A man who wears this cross can attract other people of his faith. The crucifix comes in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and textures. One should select a crucifix that fits his neck size and matches any other accessories that he may wear.

A man can achieve a wide range of reactions by adding something symbolic to his neck. Short chains are inexpensive, and thousands of necklace additions are available in physical and online locations.

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