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The Art of Flirting

You know what is really not fashionable for a man?  Hitting on a married woman.  I am one of the few very married women.  I not only Love my husband but I LIKE him, too.  I know, beauty, brains and admiration for her husband?  It seems impossible but there are people out there that actually want to be married to each other.


One of the least attractive things a man can do is hit on a married woman…seriously, it makes a man look instantly crappy.  No amount of BMW can bring back your former image.  If you hit on a married woman you will be forever branded as a womanizer or man ho and that is not attractive even to a bar fly….men that do this sort of thing have reputations that stink worse than Polo.  It’s true.


I was (ok for privacy sake I will not say) but I had a name tag on.  Said name tag has not just my full and complete name but my title as well which (btw) is MRS. and this man asked me to hit the beach with him…I happen to have a very large diamond wedding band.  It has been referred to as a “rock”, so I know he saw it.  Matter of fact at one point during his pathetic advance I fixed my hair with my left hand so maybe the sun bouncing off my “rock” would blind him and then I could run from this awkward situation. Men, in case you have ever wondered if  woman begins fixing her hair or fidgeting and she seems to be flashing her ring….she IS flashing her ring and it means, “You are making me uncomfortable”.  Which is cue for please stop and walk away.  It does not mean continue.  ugh.  My story ends with this.  If she is married, or you suspect she is married please before you make advances be sure she is not married by asking a friend…or a friend of hers.


I know we are living in the new century and women are supposed to be more liberal but believe it or not we still want happily ever after…not “hey you’re convenient”.  We want a man to want to die for us or rescue us or do something valiant for us.  A man that is looking for sloppy seconds is just gross.

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