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The Hottest Jewelry for Men

Wearing jewelry is the perfect way for a man to accessorize and separate himself from the millions of other men in the world. Some jewelry will accomplish simple distinction while other jewelry will accomplish total hotness. This special class of fiery jewelry can attract women rather quickly because of its allure. The following are three male jewelry items that will almost always capture the eye of a passing woman:

The Choker’s Necklace

The choker’s necklaces has several nicknames such as choke chain and short necklace. The choker’s necklace is simply a short necklace that fits tightly around a man’s neck. The allure of the choker’s chain comes from the way it accents the man’s Adam’s apple and gives a woman a preview of his chest. The pendant that hangs from a choke chain will most likely point to the beginning of the man’s chest hair or the trail of smooth skin that leads to his pectoral muscles. Either way, the choker’s necklace is one of the sexiest pieces of jewelry a man can wear.

The Diamond Studded Earring

Male celebrities have been wearing diamond studded earrings for decades. Some celebs who have sported diamond earrings are Will Smith, Harrison Ford, Justin Bieber, Justin Timberlake, Elton John, Michael Jordan, Chris Brown, Jamie Foxx and many more. Something about a diamond earring in a male’s ear increases his masculinity and adds a sense of royalty to his appearance. Additionally, diamonds are still a girl’s best friend. Therefore, a man who wears a diamond in his ear most likely has the wherewithal to place a diamond on a woman’s finger. Not all women will view all male diamond earring wearers as golddigger delights, but they will find the diamond earrings appealing in many ways.

The Labret Piercing

Facial piercings are jewelry additions that become popular over the past 10 years. Some celebrities such as Lenny Kravitz and Dave Navarro have placed jewelry on various parts of their bodies. The most alluring facial piercing for a man is the labret piercing, however. The jewelry is symmetrical, and it can be classy if the male does not go overboard. Labret jewelry should be silver, gold or a dark color such as black so it can blend with dress attire. Additionally, the size should not be too large. Any of the aforementioned jewelry items can strike up some interest from women.

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