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The MAN-icure

About a year ago, I sat in front of my financial advisor as he was laying out all my investment options.  I was riveted with all the information until I noticed that he had a manicure!  Not a woman’s manicure with polish and french tips, but a real MANicure.  He had buffed nails with oiled cuticles and lotioned hands.  I about fell out of my chair.  Rarely does one see a gentleman that cares enough of his appearance to get a MANicure.   Somehow, MANicures got left behind.  It used to be that every man made a weekly trip to their Barber and had a shave, haircut and MANicure.  Nowadays, it seems as if “men” do not realize that little details like a MANicure can make all the difference in their professional appearance.


You may be a little curious about a MANicure but prefer to have a MANicure in the privacy of your own home, so, for you “curious” men this is how to do your own MANicure in at home.  You will need an emery board, nail clipper, nail buffer, cuticle oil, orange stick and unscented lotion.

1.  Soak.  You will need to soak your hands for a minimum of about 5 minutes OR just go ahead and shower and wash your hair.  On days that you wash your hair you will have basically scrubbed and soaked your hands with the same results of a manicurist.

2.  While hands are still moist and warm from your shower, use the flat end of the orange stick to gently press your cuticles back to a uniform line.  this step doesn’t always need to be done since most people have good cuticles anyway.

3.  Clip your nails to the desired length straight across not rounded.

4.  Using the light side of the emory board gently shape your nails.  No need to saw back and forth just use gentle one direction movements from the outside to the inside on each side.  The movement should be from the side to center then on the other side to center.  The dark side of the emory board is rough and is used on toenails or thick nails.

5.  Take your nail buffer.  Usually, they have numbered sides.  Side one is almost always rough like a nail file or emery board.  Side two is the side that you rub on your nail bed with a gentle back and forth motion.  This side is used to buff away imperfections and is only gently used.  Side Three is used a little more aggressively with quick back and forth motions.  Side Four is the buffing side.  This is the side that will make your nails shine and the shine will last about two weeks.

6.  The final step is to apply just a bit of lotion.  Unscented lotion will not clash with your cologne.

7.  Voila.  You now have a MANicure.  You can be completely confident that your atention to detail will show both in business and well, fashion, too.

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