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The Man’s Guide to Dressing for Fall 2014

Fall is the season that graces us before winter, so the theme of a man’s apparel should always be cool. A man will want to mix and match his clothes to give himself light support for the coldest days of the season. He will also want to present himself in a manner that makes him appear calm and confident. The following are four ideas for a male fall 2014 look:

Denim Works All Year Round

Denim is one of those fabrics that can fit nicely on a man any time of the year. The fall season calls for medium to dark denim with a sturdy shoe, boot or sneaker. A full fall denim outfit should consist of a shirt that is light but long. A pink Poplin shirt with a pair of dark carpenter jeans and brown boots would make for a soft casual look.

Sports Team Clothing

Fall time is the time for football season. Therefore, fall would be the appropriate time for a man to show his love for his favorite football team. Football jerseys are available at discount retailers such as Walmart. Football jerseys can go with denim jeans, khakis, shorts or sweatpants. Enthusiasts can search for complete football team outfits, as well.

Who Says Turtlenecks Are Obsolete?

Turtlenecks not obsolete in the least bit. In fact, a black turtleneck can go with a pair of gray dress pants, a black belt, and shiny black dress shoes for a form-fitting business look. The style goes best with a clean shave and a short haircut. A male ponytail is acceptable for this look as long as the ponytail is neat and facing toward the rear.

Half Half

The Half Half fall look is one that consists of half business attire and half denim. A person may put on a pair of traditional jeans with brown shoes. He may then apply a brown belt, a dress shirt of any color, and an outer jacket with pin stripes or squares. The result is a semi-confusing look that can get a male into important functions and casual events equally.

Men can have a blast putting together clothing for the fall season. They may even want to try some interesting colors that go beyond the normal selection. Innovative fall colors include colors such as Cypress, Bright Cobalt, Cognac, Sea Fog, Misted Yellow, Royal Blue and Aluminum.

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