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The New Southern Gent

There is a new Southern designer for mens’ fashion.  I think he’s worth the look.  His name is Otis James and his style is very American..southern to be exact.  I just saw him being highlighted in Southern Living Magazine, March 2013.  He designs men’s retro ties and hats.  His designs are fresh and young and makes no apologies for being Southern.  I like that he mixes very well with BananaRepublic and Tommy Hilfiger.  He returns a certain opulence and self-indulgence to men’s fashion that I have not seen except on movies from the 1930’s.  His designs are very masculine and has no shame in decorating the male form and his website is as great as his designs.  It’s worth perusing.  He apparently has an open design studio and clients are able to stop by for a visit to see his studio in action…so if you are in Nashville give Otis a shout.  He is working by way of appointments now so please call ahead.  His website was so retro and southern that I could swear I could smell cherry vanilla pipe tobacco and whiskey…hmm.  I very rarely find a designer for men’s clothing that I feel is worth the mention directly so that makes Otis James pretty darn important to me.  I can’t wait to see what he will come up with next.




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