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The Unibrow Never Works!

When my twin boys hit puberty, something scary arrived with them. For a while they thought it was cool or entertaining, even something that made them a bit unique. However, as they became more aware of their peers and what was “in” and what was “out”, they realized that it was time for this new addition to go. It was time to deal with the unibrow! Yes, I typed it, I said it out loud! My people had unibrows! Because we can’t all be a cool as the Hornets Anthony Davis rocking his unibrow, it was truly time to create the great divide!!

The first stop in our line of defense was the torturous waxing of the unibrow, because a set of tweezers had nothing on what hairy brow-monsters these guys were rocking. Although very entertaining to watch, this method of removal was a bit on the painful side for my guys, so you can imagine my surprise when they asked me to take them back in several more times. However, after a while, enough was enough. The pain was not worth the gain and they both decided to hit the tweezers.

A few weeks into the tweezers stage and it was decided that was too painful as well, so I had to devise a new plan of unibrow attack. I hit up our local beauty supply store and discovered a tiny razor that was actually designed for trimming eyebrows. A tiny dot of shaving cream, this handy dandy tool, and the great divide arrived, never to make a full return again! If the unibrow is threatening to make an appearance in your “brow” of the woods, or maybe it already has, take comfort in knowing that there is pain-free hope, and you too can say “no” to the unibrow.

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