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The Versatility of Denim Jeans

Denim jeans are the most versatile of all fabrics. A man can wear denim jeans in just about any situation with the right accessories. The following are some combinations that express the adaptability of denim jeans:

Motorcycle Riding

Motorcycle riding is an activity that requires a sturdy texture such as denim. The Kevlar Sliders 4.0 collection is a denim jean collection that the company manufactured specifically for motorcycle riding. A consumer can purchase a pair of these jeans in black or light blue, and top off the motorcycle ensemble with Harley Davidson motorcycle boots, or a pair of TCX racing boots.

Casual Dating

Lee has a gorgeous selection of relaxed fit jeans in a wide variety of colors that would be perfect for casual dating. Shoppers can purchase these jeans in colors such as Light Stone, Tarmac, Pepper Stone, Memphis and more. An extremely casual dating ensemble can have a pair of gray Converse All Star or Vans sneakers. Converse and Vans go best when they are paired with retro styled T-shirts. A man who wants to jazz the ensemble up a notch can purchase a pair of Sperry Top-Sider shoes, or Kenneth Cole loafers to go with his Lees. Izod shirts complement both shoe types very well.

Tricky Business

Denim jeans can also become a part of a casual business ensemble. The key is to go with the color black or gray. Levi has always been one of the top denim jeans providers. The 514 Straight Fit jeans would go well with a pair of Rockport or Stacy Adams dress shoes. A wide variety of dress shirts could go with the ensemble, and the male could accessorize the look with a solid-colored tie.

Sex Appeal

A man who is trying to enhance his sex appeal may appreciate the look of a pair of Levi 510 Skinny Fit Jeans. Skinny jeans can enhance a man’s buttocks and other areas of interest. A man who has a well-toned chest and muscular arms may also want to add a red t-shirt that fits his torso snugly. The type of shoe he chooses for this ensemble will depend on his desired level of casualness.

Denim jeans are still the preferred garment of many people in the world. Their versatility is what makes them so popular in the world today after being in existence since 1873.

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