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The Way to A Man’s Heart is His Stomach

When my wife and I first started dating she cooked for me.  She was a pretty good cook, too.  Her mother raised her to know her way around the kitchen and as the years have passed by she still is creative and interesting in the kitchen..and other rooms.  I said that to say this…I wanted to make her a nice dinner to show her how much I loved her so I got out her recipe books and nosed around.  Turns out they were so involved and difficult that I decided to look up recipes online.  You would think that I would’ve found good recipes but what I found out is that I needed to move with the times and start exploring the kitchen because apparently MANY men cook.

Egads.  I cannot be thought of as behind the times.  I spent a couple days looking at websites and found a few man friendly sites.  My all time favorite is PaleoHacks.  It’s a no nonsense website that not just gives good solid man friendly recipes that ladies can enjoy but also explains all that mysterious cooking things like “Why cook paleo” etc…  Check it out and catch up with the times.


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