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Three Bold Fashion Trends for 2014

The fashion world is always making bold and original statements. The following are three styles for 2014 that would make for a fun experiment for you to try in your community:

The Shaggy Professional

The shaggy professional look consists of an unshaven face and medium-length hair. Your beard and mustache should be mid-length, and you should brush your hair backward using mousse or gel. The clothing that goes with this look should include a business suit and tie along with professional dress shoes. You can complete the style with a long trench coat. The contradiction that the shaggy professional look presents is intriguing and captivating. The look is best suited for a male who has piercing blue eyes. If your eyes are blue, then you could rule in this style.

The Scotty Biker

The Scotty Biker look is bold, fun and culture driven. This open-shirt look will make its boldest statement if you have multiple tattoos on your chest. The Scotty Biker look consists of long black boots, a knee-length kilt, an open black dress shirt, and a pair of suspenders. You could enhance this look by adding earrings or a facial piercing. The Scotty Biker is an unbelievably sexy casual look for men who are not afraid to take risks.

The Casual 80s Nerd

The Casual 80s Nerd look mixes the concept of “Miami Vice” and Steve Urkel to formulate an interesting retro fashion trend. To create this look, you must first find a pair of Kenneth Cole slip-on loafers. You will not wear socks with these shoes for any reason of any kind. Next, you will need to locate a suit and tie with pant legs that end at least three inches above your ankles. The shirt that you buy to go with your suit will determine your level of nerdiness. You could go with a plain shirt to tone down the geekitude, or you can select something with a daring polka dot design.

Trying new fashion trends is fun. You can even put together several ideas to come up with a new creation that may catch on with the rest of society. You can never go wrong by trying. The people who made it into the fashion magazines were not always sure about their styles, but they were willing to try them. Today, those people are the face of fashion for 2014.

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