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Three Dazzling Sock Sets for Men

Sometimes people focus so strongly on their pants and shirts that they forget one of the most crucial parts of an outfit: the socks. Socks can illuminate an entire wardrobe, or they can transform the theme of an outfit from one extreme to another extreme. A business suit can become a playful business casual ensemble just by a mere sock change. The following are examples of some men’s socks that have versatile personalities:

Ozone Design Checkerboard Socks

The Ozone Design Checkerboard Socks are the perfect socks for a man who loves to play head games. The socks contain a multitude of vibrant colors that will simply blow the mind of anyone who dares to look downward. The Checkerboard socks contain such colors as red, blue, yellow, burgundy and more. The socks are highly desirable because they can fit a myriad of clothing ensembles. Additionally, they have a special flair that jumps out and grabs people. The Checkerboard socks could be excellent conversation starters. They may even mesmerize some people. The magical Checkerboard socks are currently on sale for $38 at the ShopStyle website.

Men’s GOLDTOE Colorful Argyle Socks (Pink Merlot)

Argyle has always been a design that symbolized money, intelligence and stature. A pink argyle sock emphasizes all the aforementioned characteristics while it also shows the female that the male is not afraid to wear soft colors. Pink is a bold color for a man to display. The color expresses sensitivity, thoughtfulness, boldness, and confidence all rolled up into one. The pink GOLDTOE argyle socks are $7 on the Tons of Socks website. The site has a large inventory of interesting socks as well as some discounts for people who purchase more than $50 worth of products. All socks on the site are fun and fashionable for the modern male.

Merino Wool Nordic Motif Crew Socks

The Merino Wool Nordic Motif Crew Socks can be a wonderful addition to a man’s Christmas sock collection. Their design is one that bears Christmas colors and subtly suggests a Christmas theme without displaying snowflakes, reindeer or any other Christmas icons. They would be a perfect pair of socks to wear at an elegant Christmas business function because they carry so much class. The socks are $24.50 on the Brooks Brothers website, and those who buy more than three pairs can receive a gigantic discount. A man who is searching for an exciting sock lineup can check the aforementioned sites for ideas.

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