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Ties for Every Occasion

Ties are accessories that can quickly turn a drab outfit into a formal outfit. Males usually wear ties when they go on dinner dates, church or business functions. Ties can enhance just about any outfit, however. The following are some interesting ways that ties can enhance some outfits other than business suits:

Class Clown Tie

Class clown ties are ties that make people laugh when they see them. They could contain any image or concept that brings forth the element of laughter. The “fashion police” tie is a tie that has a funny comment on it about punishment for breaking fashion violations. The “Mr. Grumpy Award” tie is a funny one for people who don’t like to smile. The “Black by Popular Demand” tie is a tie that pushes the envelope of cheekiness and makes light of a sensitive subject.

Looking for Love Tie

A looking-for-love tie is one that has hearts printed on it. A man could wear it on a special occasion such as an anniversary or Valentine’s Day. The Amazon site has a wide range of love ties that cost approximately $15. A customer could have a tie delivered in less than one week.

Date Night Tie

Date night tie can be any tie that expresses love or passion. Red is the most commonly used color for expressing one’s passion. A man can wear a bowtie date night tie or a standard date night tie. The Etsy website is one place that a man can find a snazzy red bowtie. Original Penguin is another place that has a red bowtie. The Burburry website offers a high-end version of a date night tie in its inventory.

Birthday Party Tie

A birthday tie is a tie that expresses that someone’s birthday just passed. The birthday tie comes in bowtie form and standard form, and it has images such as balloons, presents, age numbers and the “Happy Birthday” expression. The Zazzle website carries birthday ties for about $40.

Just Casual Ties

A man can sport a tie while he is roaming the mall or running errands in the middle of the day. Denim ties are highly fashionable accessories that can go with just about any ensemble, especially one that includes a pair of denim jeans.

A man can always find a tie to accent his outfit no matter what kind of outfit it is. The previously mentioned tips are just the beginning steps to creating some awesome accents.



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