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Tips For NeckTie Success

When my husband entered the workforce in the late 80’s he said goodbye to his comfy cotton tees and hello to a wide variety of blue neckties instead. He took on a corporate job at a company that trimmed its employees with a powder blue dress shirt and navy blue necktie. Although he truly despised the necktie and honestly saw no useful purpose for it other than making himself either uniform with others dawning the same goofiness or making himself uniquely unapproachable, he knew that he was victim of the corporate dress code and followed suit.

By the mid 90’s he boisterously rejoiced as he began a new career adventure that allowed him to go “tie-free”, however, rather recently he has swung back into a job that requires the return of the not so beloved necktie. Seeing as it had been a while since he had to embrace the necktie wearing experience, I felt it necessary to revisit these vital tie-wearing tips with him to add to his excitement.

• A necktie is essentially an accessory meant to add a bit of fashion to your look. Don’t undo this by wearing the same tie two days in a row. You wouldn’t wear the same shirt two days in a row, and if you would, you might need more than necktie advice.
• One your necktie is tied; its end should never fall below your belt buckle. Wearing a tie too short or too long suggests that you don’t really care about your appearance.
• To avoid spills on your tie while eating, order food that isn’t risky and simply scoot yourself closer to the table. Try to steer clear of tucking the tie into your shirt as well. It is possible to look snazzy in your tie and eat too.
• Treat tie stains best by a timely visit to the drycleaner. You can try dabbing with a bit of water or a stain stick, but being as most ties are satin, your drycleaner has a better chance of bringing the tie back to life.
• Undo your knot properly as to not stretch our your tie out of shape or damage its fibers. Why spend money on a good tie only to abuse it and not get more than a few wears out of it.
• When storing your ties, avoid keeping the tie tied. A stored tied necktie will result in permanent wrinkles, causing damage to your tie, and your image.

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