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Tom Ford’s Commandments for Men’s Fashion

Have you happen to of read anything by Tom Ford?  He is an entertaining writer and very direct.  I just read a little bit of what he deems commandments for fashion and he is right on the money.  Here are a few tips I picked up from  Tom Ford.

1.  Spray cologne all over.  When you spray cologne all over the cologne (especially expensive cologne) it mixes with your natural smell and creates a personalized scent.  By the way, this is not code for spray so much cologne that you smell like a french gigolo.  It simply means spray the cologne like a woman does…spray it and walk through it.

2.  Manicures are important, especially if you’d like to put your hands on a woman.  Nasty nails are a NO.

3.  Breath is vitally important (not to beat a dead horse).

4.  Do not chew gum in public ever.

5.  He mentioned a little about to shave or not to shave.  Basically, it’s up to your lover.  And he was not talking about your chin.  Hint, hint.

6.  Get a pedicure.  Gross toes are a NO, too.


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