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Trend Settlers: Fall Fashion Finds Men in Enviable Position

Men might not admit it all the time, but they pay close attention to how they look as it pertains to a particular season.
That means summer shorts, sandals and T shirts are carefully pieced together to make sure they don’t look outdated or out of place at the beach or by the pool or try and pull of a style that is nothing short of awful (think socks with sandals or short sleeve dress shirts and ties).

The fall season is no different, either, as guys in the know want to take note of what’s in and what’s out as far as clothing, accessories and shoes are concerned. Luckily for men, fall isn’t quite the mixed bag of confusion that summer or spring might be
Although fall does have its fair share of points to follow, it isn’t anything out of the realm of realistic.

Dress pants and jeans make quite the comeback in the fall months as guys begin to think about changing from white shorts to khaki pants. Those plain, brown pleated pants need to stay in your drawer in favor of a more colorful arrangement such as darker blues or maroon reds.

Finding pants for the fall that actually fit might seem simple enough but you’d be surprised by how many men tend to buy big for comfort purposes. That thinking doesn’t quite cut it nor does buying pants for fall that are skin tight, either.

Splitting the difference might be your best option rather than splitting those aforementioned pants; that is, make sure they’re comfortable but don’t fit like pajama pants.

As far as outerwear, the tendency for men is to start breaking out the heavy duty winter wear the moment the chill hits the air.
Instead of busting out your down jacket or oversized ski coat, think about finding a light weight corduroy jacket or cotton coat that fit snug and isn’t bulky. Once again, fall is about finding colors that are darker but not always falling back on black as your safe color of choice.

Naturally, fashion trends come and go, and men definitely care about how they look from summer to fall, but the best bet if you’re not sure is to stick to staples and the simple to push you through to the next season arrives. Where most men get themselves into trouble is trying to either complicate the issue or stick with the style the think looks good when it actuality it doesn’t.

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