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Trending Backward: Why some fashion deserves to stay lost forever

Do you ever look at pictures from the past and ask yourself, what was I thinking wearing that?  Well if you’re still wearing anything on the list below, there will come a point down the line where you will be asking yourself that same question again.  Here are some of the worst recent trends in men’s fashion.

Remember three quarter length trousers? Are they pants?  Are they shorts?  Does it matter?  They’re hilarious in a bad way.  Anytime I see a guy in these I think of the Seinfeld episode where Jerry is reminded by his parents when he wore culottes. Nobody wants to see hairy lower legs and ankles on a guy, so please, put some full length pants on.

Sagging jeans is another trend for the ages. It’s not hip. It is however, possibly the worst fashion trend in history.  And it’s not the 1990s, so if you’re still “sporting the sag”, do everyone a favor, buy a belt and pull your pants up.

From bottoms to tops, how about those V shaped guys rocking that ultra deep V neck? Who ever thought that wearing these as anything other than an under shirt was a good idea?  These either showed way too much chest hair or forced a guy to over man scape to wear them. If you’re still wearing these, please follow that Jersey Shore fad and make these shirts fade away too.

And while you’re at it, let’s be better aware of the slogan T shirts, too. Wearing a T shirt that has sexual innuendos and vulgarity on them do not make you cool, edgy, or funny.  They make you look like pretentious.  So if you still have any of these, put them to good use this fall and use them to put that pre winter coat of wax on your car.

No list would be complete without the footwear that defined smelly feet and not caring. So hello to our little foot friend, the Crocs. They’re downright awful so knowing how popular they were is a head scratcher.

Listen guys, not everyone is David Beckham, so you can’t just put something on that is hideous and awful and make it work for you. You have to have clothing standards and these aforementioned flops don’t belong on any runway whatsoever. Instead, they’ll be shipped on a different assembly line: the one headed to the back of your closet for good.

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