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Trending Hairstyles for Men

A man’s hairstyle can change the world’s perspective on him. A bad haircut can cause people to shy away from him while an excellent haircut can earn him many admirers. Currently, more than 20 hairstyles are trending for men. The following are the four hairstyles that appear most frequently:

The Buzz or Bald Cut

The bald head style became popular when male celebrities such as Vin Diesel started sporting them. Nowadays, about 50 percent male celebrities are sporting bald heads. Celebrities such as Jake Gyllenhaal, Bryan Cranston and James Franco have recently sported bald heads. Everyday people are starting to shave their heads, as well. Some of them find a bald head to be a perfect solution for a receding hairline. The male buzz/bald cut is on the top of the list for 2014 styles.

The Undercut

The undercut is a fun style that involves a shaved back and sides. The male uses the longer top portion of his hair to create any arrangement he likes. Many men use mousse to create slanted spikes, waxy curls and other interesting looks with the undercut. The style is a great in-between style for males who do not want to cut all of their off.

The Spiky Do

A male can create a spiky do with any hair length. The project will not require a large investment, either. A bottle of mousse or gel will suffice in creating the perfect spiky do. The male can choose large, highly defined spikes, or he can be subtle and comb the spikes to the side. Either way, a good spiky do will surely attract women who prefer men who have edgy hairstyles.

The Quiff

The element that distinguishes the quiff from other hairstyles is the volume. Most quiffs are high and thick. Some of them carry a slightly disheveled appearance. They all sway in an upward direction at some point or another. A man can create a modern quiff by purchasing thickening mousse. He will then use his fingers to create the hairstyle. The key to creating a quiff is applying the mousse to the hair roots. Next, the male will bend his hair backward while moving in an upward direction.

Every hairstyle works best with a certain face type and garment style. Additional information is available about matching styles to achieve the best look.

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