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Underwear Is For Under Your Wear

One of my absolute worst pet peeves is when men wear underwear outside of their clothes.  I think they think it makes them look tough but in actuality it makes them look poor.  Who needs to know you own a dirty sweat stained wife beater (as my wife calls them).  An undershirt was meant to be worn UNDER your shirt so as to polish your look.  My wife loves when I wear a wife-beater under my dress shirts, especially when it requires a tie.  I do not know why she prefers that, but I’m good with it because it’s cooler that way.

The traditional undershirts are as follows;

1.  The crew neck  undershirt

2.  The v neck undershirt

3.  The rib tank undershirt

All are usually made of cotton unless it is needed for police or firefighter work in which it can be made of any moisture wicking material that meets your requirements.  These shirts can be worn under polos, dress shirts and really any shirt that will need a little extra smoothing to keep your look uniform.  Also, if you are a man that tends to sweat a great deal then the crew neck undershirt is for you.  It can give you a little extra comfort under the arms for when you perspire and can limit those pesky underarm sweat stains as well as give you an added layer of protection for if you get nervous and start a little back sweating.  But no matter what you wear just keep them under your clothes, thank you.

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