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Universal Soldiering: Why your Fall wardrobe doesn’t have to fall flat

Men tend to underestimate the importance of fashion, and while no one is asking guys to get into gear by checking out Fashion Week or making it a point to stay on point with all the latest style trends, you still can put forth at least a modicum of care when it comes to looking the part of a man who isn’t totally inept when it comes to what to wear.

The average guy wants to keep things simple, smart and effective, that linear approach most men take when it comes to fashion. Men are like the utility knife of clothes buying, as they’ll flock to a particular piece of clothing that allows them to buy one and turn it into several variations of an outfit. Most guys would be perfectly fine with five or six pieces of clothing that somehow worked in harmony with one another to build the perfect closet with little to no fuss.

Turns out, you can do that, and Fall is no different.

This upcoming season is rife with ridiculously easy looks that any guy can enjoy and love, whether you’re going out for date night or deciding to rake a pile of leaves and jump into it for a little unscripted weekend fun.

Fall is about bridging the gap between hot, humid weather and the pending arrival of wintry temperatures, snow and ice. Fall allows you to have the best of both worlds, since you don’t have to worry about trudging through the mess that is winter but you can start incorporating jackets and outwear, but the key is to buy solid color jackets that are lightweight but yet still have enough to keep you from shivering in the most unmanly of ways on a frigid Friday night.

The other good news for Fall as it relates to men’s fashion is that the flannel and hoodie are back in a big way. Men are also about convenience and comfort, and those two aforementioned pieces of clothing speak to both of those in a big way. And while they can be pieced together for a laid back look or something that is just contemporary and dressed up enough to casually go out for the night, you can’t forget that you still don’t want to look sloppy when you pair those together (such as wearing clothing that is too big).

Finally, don’t forget about the shoes, either. Fashion experts are saying the slip on boots are all the rage (you’ll notice them as they are slip on and have the ankles that are flexible and comfortable).

Just buying those few items can send your Fall wardrobe into overdrive without having to race around and find a hundred different shirts, pants or accessories to pull off an effortless, appealing appearance.

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