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Wardrobe Dysfunction: Why your closet needs an overhaul on essentials

Ask any guy what his wardrobe essentials are, and you actually might be surprised at the answers you receive.

Some may argue that they have a favorite pair of jeans or a shirt they’ve had since college. Others will tell you that their wardrobe is so minuscule that they really don’t think “essentials” and what they have on hangers really goes together.

But the truth is men should have a need list, a few items that will certainly make (versus break) their closets and give them a multitude of looks and ensembles with very little in the way of a shopping spree or buying a ton of new clothes.

Starting with jeans, you should have a pair that are, in short, normal. They can be whatever cut you like (stay away from flared legs at the moment), but make sure they fit well and aren’t overly baggy. You might be inclined to have these jeans work overtime as both weekend warriors and something you can wear potentially to the office if it’s time to dress down.

Every man should own a plain, white dress shirt (long sleeves), and a blazer. The white shirt can be paired with said blazer or stand alone with those same jeans. The blazer is so versatile in that you can pair it with a crisp white V neck T shirt and jeans to give a casual look a little bit of a step up from looking too comfortable and dressed down.

As for accessories, don’t skimp on two very important elements to give you look that extra push toward the finish line: a stylish watch, leather boots and a jacket that can be worn in situations of dressing up and down, preferably a leather one.

Much like the aforementioned blazer, a leather jacket can be paired with a dress shirt or T shirt for the same appeal. The watch doesn’t have to be financially a back breaker, ether. The leather boots are, again, part of that all-encompassing ideology you’re embracing by having one item that can provide multiple looks. Leather boots aren’t motorcycle boots, nor should they be overly pointed at the toe. You want something that has a bit of a tip to the end and enough shine to show they can be worn with a suit or, again, those jeans.

Having the perfect closet isn’t out of the reach of any guy, truthfully. You need only a few of those aforementioned essentials to create the closet that keeps you current but mostly prepared for whatever the dress code could be.

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