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Weathering Heights: How to take your outwear to new levels

Staying warm and looking good doing it is what every guy is striving for this winter.  It’s cold in most places this time of year, so you have to bundle up.  But you don’t want to look like Randy from A Christmas Story in doing so.

So what look is there for guys to keep warm and still be styling?  Here are some suggestions for 2017 as far as winter coats and jackets go for men.

The new oversized overcoat is a great place to start.  It’s warm.  And it’s more stylish than the old, classic overcoat.  The long, loose, silhouette gives it style that helps to elevate your dressed up and dressed down looks.  And the extra length of the new oversized overcoat also gives you extra warmth when wearing it.

The parka is a winter staple that can also be stylish.  The redesigned parka for this year doesn’t have to wait for a rainy or snowy day to be worn.  Fashion designers are pairing the parka with suits and tailoring, creating a new style that will make sure your look is in while your parka protects you from the winter weather elements.

The most popular winter coat right now is the slim puffer.  It’s a must have for men because not only is it the style, but it’s multi purposed as well.  You can wear it alone when you’re out for a walk, or you can layer it beneath a suit jacket for added warmth and additional visual texture.  Made with a synthetic fill and fleece paneling, the slim puffer is even more slim and versatile in 2017.

The top coat and the camel coat.  Both of these are traditional, but still provide a stylish modern look as well.  Wearing a top coat can sharpen up any look.  While the camel coat give you the same style as a top coat, but in a nontraditional color.  Instead of the usual black or gray color, the camel coat can create a contrast to enhance your look whether you’re wearing a dark suit under it, or even something casual.

The pea coat has been around for a long time.  And can still be your go to winter coat in 2K17.  The look is still traditional but modern, and with its thick wool and high collar, it’ll keep you warm for sure this winter.

The foul weather technical jacket is modern and stylish.  And it’s multi purposed as well.  It’s seam sealed and waterproof to handle the rain.  It’s also filled with insulation to keep the cold out.  And it has an adjustable hood as well.

So if you’re looking to look good this year and stay warm in the process, having any of these winter coats in your closet will do the trick.

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