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What a Nauti Sailor Man

Nautica has some good designs for spring.  I would strongly suggest grabbing a few pieces from their Spring 2014 collection.  If you like primary red and yellow you will love the collection as they have added very colorful punches of those two colors all throughout their pieces.  They, of course, have some great light trenches which will afford you time out in the elements for  the Northeast Spring.  No need for them in Florida.

Speaking of Florida and Spring, Nautica’s swim trunks are divine.  Each one is an old-school throwback with mid-thigh length and bright Hawaiian patterns (mainly floral), but not over done.  Nautica created many great looks that could easily provide any man enough fashion artillery for at least one season.  Aside from floral prints in the swim trunks Nautica also added very Nauti fat stripes to the shirts and jackets which can visually break up any imperfections in one’s figure.

The Nautica Men’s Resort Wear Collection is also hot this season.  It is as tropical and Miami as the other collection is chic and retro.  I seriously suggest taking a moment to take into account what buying a few pieces from the resort collection can do for your wardrobe.

You can view this collection yourself at http://www.nautica.com/mens-features-nautica-picks/

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