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What kind of Mickey Mouse Style is This?

Walt Disney is my husbands new style icon.  He decided that he likes the way Walt dressed.  He likes his hair.  He likes his persona.  Walt was not the epitome of masculinity and I believe I even said that to my husband.  He was offended, of course, and continued to defend his decision to copy Mr. Disney.  The funny thing is my husband is a burly cop and is the coolest guy i know.  so, why would he like to copy Walt Disney’s fashion sense?


My husband told me that men back in the 50’s had style, real style.  They took care of themselves better than men do today”, he said.  I told him that he has spent too much time rounding up dealers and dopers and his view of modern men has been skewed.  He challenged me to find a store that would allow him to dress more debonair  to prove his point and I took the challenge…to prove mine.


In order to find a store that would sell Walt’s style I had to study his style.  I googled photos of him, articles about him, etc…  and I noticed that my husband was right.  Mr. Disney had great style.  He wore trousers and dress shoes, vests (muy macho) and button-down collared shirts…long sleeved only.  He had impeccable hair although it was slicked like DJ Pauli D’s and he had a pocket watch.    Walt’s style was formal yet friendly and the more I studied him the more I liked him.


After much searching I found a store that would allow my husband to dress like his fashion icon.  They weren’t  fancy stores, either.  They are the humble H&M and Old Navy.  Who knew these stores had so much fashion weight?  The equation to create the best Walt Disney style is this:

{ 1 pr khaki’s + button down collared shirt(ON) + [knit Cardigan or Vest(H&M)]}= (really sexy man.)

Driving shoes + patterned socks (great haircut + pomade)= (very sexy elegant man)

Nice watch + a tad of cologne= (tres chic man)

= Opitome of male style with a kiss remainder (on his collar)

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