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What To Do With the Pesky Overcoat

Fall is upon us, men and soon winter will be here.  You have been reading my blog with relish knowing that taking my advice will not just make you more of a gentleman but stylish, too.  You just graduated university and spent your summer abroad so you are ready to apply for “real” jobs.  But it’s Fall/Winter and you have an overcoat with you for the interviews.  What to do with the pesky by stylish overcoat?  Glad you asked.

Let’s say….it’s snowing and you walk into a building.  What do you do with your jacket?  You have a few options.

Option 1:  Most hotels, restaurants and office building offices have coat checks.  It’s best to just check that overcoat at the door.   No awkward coat wrangling.

Option 2:  carry overcoat over your left arm so you may shake hands, hold doors for others and sign things, if needed.

Option 3:  do not wear an overcoat and freeze your arse off.

An overcoat looks very professional and is a great way to add panache to a work suit without being too flashy.

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