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What to Wear to a First Interview

Deciding what to wear to a first interview can be confusing. An interviewee does not want to overdress or underdress. Therefore, he must go through a process before deciding what to wear. The following are some tips on making a stellar first impression on a potential employer:

Research the Company

The first step in deciding what to wear to an interview is researching the company. The type of company the person is interviewing for will make a huge difference in what he should wear. For example, a fast food restaurant will have a different requirement than an automobile dealership will have. Potential employees can also find information on the company’s culture by visiting its website. Quite often, companies have pages on which they have videos and pictures of people on the job. The visual images can help to give the interviewee an idea of the way people dress when they are on the job. The person should take his attire up a half step from what the people at work wear.

Re-Read the Job Description

The next step in deciding what to wear to an interview is re-reading the job description. The person will need to have a firm grasp of his job duties and his customer-facing status. If he will be facing customers, then he will want to carry himself in a fully professional manner. If he will not be facing customers, then he can go with business casual. Casual dress may be acceptable once he obtains a job, but interview attire should be a least on a business casual level.

Business Casual Ideas

Business casual dress consists of formal attire minus several formal aspects. For example, a full business suit is not necessary for business casual dress. The applicant can leave out the jacket and sometimes the tie for a business casual garment. Dress slacks and a dress shirt are appropriate.

Go With Neutral Colors

Neutral colors are always best to wear to a first interview. Neutral colors are colors such as black, brown, gray and dark blue. The applicant will not want to appear too loud or too soft. Additionally, the person should wear solid colors as opposed to stripes, polka dots and flowery arrangements.

The interview is the most important meeting of a job applicant’s life. Therefore, he must get it right the first time. Unfortunately, second chances do not exist at the interview stage.

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