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What Women Do NOT Want for Valentine’s Day

I have learned a few things in this life.  I have learned what to do and what not to do when it comes to women.  I have especially learned what NOT to give women as gifts.

1.  Lingerie is not a gift for a woman.  It is really a gift for you.  Stop pretending that you do not know that and do not give a woman a gift she cannot wear outside the house.  Period.  I know I am breaking a bro code, but it’s time to grow up.  If you need sex that badly just wash the dishes.  She’ll be on you like a porn star.

2.  Cookware is not a gift for a woman unless she expressly asked for it..more than once.   That’s the same as giving a man a garbage bag or an opportunity to work overtime.  Don’t do it.  It is a not so subtle way of saying, “Get in the kitchen and cook woman”.  Not classy.

3.  A piece of camping equipment like a sleeping bag.  A sleeping bag may keep her warm, but something like jewelry will keep you both warm.  It’s Murphy’s Law.  If she needs a sleeping bag, perhaps putting a small piece of jewelry like earrings or a bracelet inside would do wonders for her enjoying camping or at least warming up to it.


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