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What Women Really Want For Valentine’s Day

There are suitable gifts and as you saw before unsuitable gifts for women on Valentine’s Day.  Women are pretty easy to satisfy if you remember a few things.  It’s not so much the gift as much as the presentation and expense…expense of thought and time count.

Pearls are loved by women.  Yes, to us they are just round white beads on a string but to a woman it means she has a real piece of lady jewelry and can move into any level of society knowing she has a string of pearls that can be worn.  For us men, pearls are multipurpose which means less to buy later.  Pearls can be worn to wedding, funerals and church….and the club.

Sterling bangles with her initials.  They evoke a snippet of Tiffany’s glamour…they can be from Tiffany’s or even JC Penney’s as long as they are monogrammed.

A vintage watch is a great and inexpensive purchase which can give years of enjoyment…and if they are stainless it can rescue your wallet.  My wife has two.  She loves them.  They remind her of her grandmother and hey, a Cartier is $5,000 so a $50 watch that makes her feel warm and fuzzy is worth every cent.


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