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When to Call the Doctor

I’ve written about manicures and ties and facial hair but there’s one more grooming issue I must bring up.  When to actually call the doctor.  My husband has a friend that when we were all recently traveling together noticed has a problem.  He thought he had wicked athletes’s feet.  His feet were peeling and flaking and cracked and bleeding.  He was so embarrassed that he rarely took his socks off.  We insisted he call the doctor but it took a lot of convincing because he thought the doctor would get on him for how bad he let his feet get.  He insisted that he had been applying fungal creams and lotions but it just got worse and worse.

Well, he finally went to the doctor and as it turns out it’s not wicked athlete’s feet.  It’s nothing catching at all.  Our friend has psoriasis on his feet.  He was so relieved.  He can actually take some scripts and be done with the foot issues for good.   Yay.  So, men do not suffer in silence.  If you notice something funky that is not getting better with an OTD just bite the bullet call the doctor make an appointment and fix yourself.


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