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White or Red?

Have you ever taken a lady to a restaurant and she asks you to recommend a good wine?  Your palms sweat, you crack a joke about red wine giving you a headache and then you try to deflect as much as possible?  Mainly because you do not like wine or you have no real experience with wine other than sneaking your father’s Manschevitcz?  Fear no more.  Here is a quick survival guide for wine choice.

1.  The darker the food, the darker the wine.  Example, white wine with chicken.  Rose with ham or pork and   Red with beef or lamb.

2.  Most finer restaurants have wine pairings with entrees so look for that nifty cliff note on the menu.

3.  Ask the waiter.  Say something like, ” I am not sure of these particular wines on your menu, what do you suggest with her entree”?

You also cannot fail when you are just honest and say, “I prefer beer to wine, but I will find out what pairs well with your dinner” and then ask the waiter or sommelier.

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