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White-wall Me, High and Tight.

Were you ever white-walled as a boy?  You know, that high and tight barber shop cut that left the skin behind your ears as white as the tires on an old 1936 Ford?  I know (not from experience but from hearing boys complain) that boys do not like that hairstyle, but us gals, do. I do not see them often anymore but when I do it takes me back to when the entire male species would be white-walled on a regular basis (this is back in the day when boys were shaved over the summer, too).   Have you had one lately, say as an adult?  There is something very attractive about that white-walled hair cut on a man.  I can’t put my finger on one thing exactly that makes that style so attractive but I can offer a few reasons:


It looks MILITARY and military men are strong.  Military men are self-controlled.  Matter of fact, military men are so self-controlled they even control their hair.  They don’t have Bon Jovi’s  teased tendrils of hair lying down their backs.  No Sir.  Military hair is short and precise.  Military men can fight.  They can protect a woman and that is sexy.


It looks like a church boy haircut but a tad more extreme.  It’s like the good guy gone slightly rogue.  Good guys think of others.  Good guys love deeply.  Good guys have a bad side…but they can control it.


Believe it or not, the white-wall haircut says rebel.  It’s rebellious in the face of well, rebellion.  Rebellious fashion dictates long hair, colored-hair or even no hair, but the high and tight white-walled style says, “Screw fashion.  I’m a man and I want to be amazed by a woman’s hair.”


It looks wealthy.  A wealthy man can provide for you.  A wealthy man will surprise you with trips to Paris.  A wealthy man plans…and that means happily ever after.  Therefore, I dare you..nay, double dog dare you that next time you sit in the barber chair and the barber asks what you’d like say, “White-wall me, high and tight”.





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