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My wife loves Yankee Candles.  I can never buy them for her as a present because she always goes and gets them herself.  Last week we were in the mall (I was dragged there) and she begged me to go with her to the candle store and being a good husband I went with her.  To my surprise they had man candles.  I ’bout fell out.  Man candles.

Evidently, some big wig over at Yankee thought it’d be a great idea to make candles specifically for men with men scents in mind.  They have Fresh Cut Grass candles that smell just like fresh cut grass.  Too bad I can’t light it to make her think I mowed the grass.  They made a Touch Down football that smells like a leather football before the years of handling…and it smells just like pig skin.  The Lumber Candle smells just like a 2×4 that has just been planed and I actually traveled back to my tree house I made with my dad when I got a whiff of it.

I thought the Bacon Candle would be divine but it actually smelled so badly that I had to go take a sniff of the ultra girly Wisteria Flower candle just to not vomit.  You know, taking time out of my busy day to spend a few moments smelling candles with my wife may not seem very manly at first but it meant a ton to her that I thought more of her than of my ego and THAT shows I have style.

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